sangoma 数字语音卡1E-16E1

Sangoma A系列数字语音卡支持1E1到16E1


Sangoma 数字语音卡支持1E1到16E1,支持平台包括:Asterisk,FreePBX和FreeSWITCH 。Sangoma E1语音卡的用户数量多及稳定性好。Sangoma 语音卡支持了多个开源的软交换平台,包括Asterisk和FreeSWITCH。Sangoma 语音卡经历了多种的应用,经过了很多行业用户的验证。Sangoma 同时支持和维护着FreeSWITCH 官方的语音板卡接口的驱动程序,体现了Sangoma 语音板卡的兼容性特性。



  • Protocol Support: CAS, MFC/R2, PRI, SS7, HDLC, Frame Relay, X.25, Transparent bit-stream
  • 支持2U带 PCI 或者 PCI Express 插槽
  • 高级回声抑制解决方案
  • 支持板卡启动诊断工具
  • 支持市场上绝大部分的商业个人电脑和服务器主板
  • 支持Linux和Windows 操作系统
  • 支持 Asterisk, FreePBX, 和其他的商业PBX, 呼叫中心解决方案
  • 提供质保



接口型号数量以及支持的语音通道数量, 注:D表示带回声抑制DSP,E表示PCI-E, 不带D或者E表示仅支持PCI不带回声。

  • A101D/A101/A101E/A101DE
    • 1 E1/T1 (30 channels)
  • A102D/A102/A102E/A102DE
    • 2 E1/T1 (60 channels)
  • A104D/A104/A104E/A104DE
    • 4 E1/T1 (120 channels)
  • A108D/A108/A108E/A108DE
    • 8 E1/T1 (240 channels)
  • A116DE/A116E
    • 16 E1/T1 (480 channels)

E1/T1 协议支持

  • T1
    • NI1/NI2
    • AT&T 5ESS
    • CAS (RBS)
    • DMS100
    • ISO QSIG
    • SS7
  • E1
    • Euro-ISDN
    • ISO QSIG
    • VN4
    • CAS R2MFC
    • SS7

PCI 接口支持

  • PCI or PCI Express
  • Fully PCI 2.2 compliant, compatible with all commercially available motherboards, and shares PCI interrupts
  • Autosense compatibility with 5 V and 3.3 V PCI busses
  • Single synchronous PCI interface for all ports
  • 32 bit bus master DMA data exchanges across PCI interface at 132 Mbytes/sec for minimum host processor intervention



  • FCC Part 15 Class A
  • FCC Part 68
  • CISPR 22
  • EN 55022
  • Class A
  • CIPSR 24
  • AFIC-2016
  • IEC 60950
  • JATE



  • A101 – A108
    • 2U form factor
    • 120mm x 55mm for use in restricted chassis
  • A116
    • Full height by half length
    • 107mm x 176mm


  • Includes both standard and short half-height compatible mounting clips for installation in 2U rack-mount servers
  • Compatible with all commercially available motherboards


  • Temperature range: 0 – 50 °C



  • PCI:3W(0.6A@5V)
  • PCI Express: 2.5 W (0.76A@3.3V)


  • PCI:3.8W(0.76A@5V)
  • PCI Express: 3.2 W (0.97 A @ 3.3 V)


  • PCI:5W(1A@5V)
  • PCI Express: 4 W (1.2A@3.3V)


  • PCI:7.5W(1.5A@5V)
  • PCI Express: 5.5 W (1.67 A @ 3.3 V)


  • 2A@3.3V,0.1A@12V



1-port E1/T1 Port Voice and Data Card
30 simultaneous voice calls (or 2,048 Mbps full duplex data)


2-port E1/T1 Port Voice and Data Card
60 simultaneous voice calls (or 4,096 Mbps full duplex data)


4-port E1/T1 Port Voice and Data Card
120 simultaneous voice calls (or 8,192 Mbps full duplex data)

8-port E1/T1 Port Voice and Data Card
240 simultaneous voice calls (or 16.4 Mbps full duplex data)

支持16E1,PCI或PCI—E 插槽
支持 480 E1 并发呼叫


使用Sangoma 语音卡可以实现以下场景:
PSTN Trunking
Use inside a server of your choice, powered by Linux/Windows, to create a SIP-TDM Gateway to allow IP-PBX to route calls to traditional PSTN.
Contact Center Solution
Pair any of our E1/T1 cards with your favourite contact center software to create a voice gateway for high volume inbound/outbound calls.
Call Tapping
Monitor and record telephone conversations for lawful call interception. Use your choice of software, including Sangoma’s own TDM SDK dedicated for call tapping.
SIP Trunking
Use inside a server of your choice, powered by Linux/Windows, to create a SIP-TDM Gateway with your legacy TDM based PBXs to replace expensive connections like PRI (E1T1) with SIP trunking to allow reduced call costs, reduced line rental, and bring extra flexibility and disaster recovery.
SS7 Gateway
Use our Sangoma cards in your own infrastructure to create an SS7 Gateway solution either with your own SS7 software stack or Sangoma’s NSG SS7 Software solution.

High Density IVR
To see how customers have successfully combined 16-port Sangoma cards to create live television contest call-in voting to provide 2,880 concurrent channels that handle up to 35,000 calls a minute with a reliability rate of 99.9%.









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